List Of Hidden Charges In Saving Bank Account Which Many Of Them May Not Be Aware Of !!!

a) Bank Branch Visits.

b) Non Maintenance of Monthly/Quarterly Average Balance.

c) Money Transfer charges.

d) Debit Card Annual Fee.

e) ATM Usage.

f) Email/SMS Alerts.

g) Bank Statements.

h) Cheque Bounce.

i) Stop Payment Request.

j) Additional Cheque Book Request.

k) Standing Instructions.

l) Debit/ATM card Replacement Fee.

m) Reset Password/PIN number.

n) Debit Card decline due to insufficient funds.

o) Redeem Reward Points.

p) Attest Photo, Signature or Address.

q) Balance Certificate.

r) Interest Certificate.

s) Closing Bank Account.

t) Transfer of Accounts.

u) International Usage of Debit Card.

v) Returned Courier due to wrong address.

For complete details on all the above charges, click here.