If You Are Planning To Buy A New Smartphone, Then First Read This Article:

Biggest Mistakes Which You May Make When Buying A Smartphone:

1) Buying Ahead Of A New Model:
If you are planning to buy a particular phone model, you will obviously check whether it is the latest model and then you purchase it. But soon after you purchase the model, there are always possibility of the new latest model coming up into the market just after few days or weeks.
So you must do some market research and then purchase so that you dont regret.

2) Not Getting Enough Storage:
Smartphones usually have the storage capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB.
Sometimes, people realize that they should have bought a higher storage phone so it is suggested to always go for a higher storage capacity phones.

3) The Phone May Not Support Particular Apps:
Some Apps are exclusive to android and some are exclusive to apple iphones. So it is important to know which phone supports your desired apps.

4) The Phone May Not Work With Your Carrier:
Suppose, you have a Reliance Jio sim and you buy a smartphone for it and then you realise that the phone does not support Reliance Jio, then you regret it.
So see the model supports your carrier and then go ahead.

5) Ending Up Paying More:
You will buy a smartphone from a particular website or store thinking that it is offering at a cheapest price but later you realise that the same model was available at a cheaper price on a different website or store.
It is good to compare prices offered on various websites and stores.

6) You May Pick Up A Costly Insurance Policy For Your Phone:
If you are purchasing a costly phone, going for insurance will be a great idea but just check whether you will end up paying unnecessarily or more.
For example: If you are taking insurance for your phone for 5 yrs, the thing to be considered here is; Are you going to use the same model for the next 5 yrs ???

7) Buying Accessories For Your Phone:
When you are buying a new phone, we suggest you not to buy any accessories like headphones, etc at the initial stage itself as it may not be of any use to you at a later point of time.
So buy phone first and accessories next, only if required.

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