Narendra Modi's Mother Goes To Bank To Exchange Her Old Notes !!!

The 95 yr old Heeraben (mother of PM Narendra Modi) visited a bank branch in Gandhinagar, New Delhi to exchange Rs 4500 worth of currency notes that her son had demonetized.

The pictures of Heeraben being helped to the counter, came at a time when opposition parties have been criticizing the Modi Govt for the inconvenience caused to the public due to demonetization of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes.

Heeraben was taken in a wheelchair, holding Rs 500 notes into the bank, with the help of two people.
The nonagenarian seems to have been given on Rs 2000 note & two bundles of Rs.10 notes among other possible denominations. 
Since then, this news has gone viral.
                                                                                                                    Source: TOI